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Guilds Of Ravnica – Pre-Release Sign up today!  Event is Sept. 29th and Sept 30th

Guilds of Ravnica Boosters $110.00 per box (Due by 9/26) – Release Date 10/05

Spellslinger (MTG Learn To Play Starter Kit) – $14.00 per kit (Due by 9/26) – Release Date 10/05

Magic Gift Pack (5 Basic Lands, 2 Exclusive Cards, 3 Packs, Life Counter & Poster) – $19.00 (Due by 10/13) – Release Date 10/20

Guilds Of Ravnica Kits (60 Card Pre-constructed Deck, Spindown & More) – $19.00 (Due by 10/27) – Release Date 11/2

Magic Game Night (Introducing Magic Board Game) – $39.00 – Release Date 11/16

Johnny B’s is the premier Gaming Center in Central Florida for all types of events for Magic The Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh! and Pokeman Card Games. Conveniently located near the intersection of Interstate 4 and Highway 98 North in Lakeland, Florida we are just a short ride from anywhere in Polk County, Tampa or Orlando.

We offer a regular schedule of Magic The Gathering events weekly, including Modern and Standard formats. We also offer a $1K Special Event with 100% CASH PAYOUT. Be sure to check our events page for the upcoming week’s events and special events!

Johnny B’s also offers the largest selection of sealed product, individual single cards, supplies and accessories for all game types. Our prices are extremely competitive and our Members enjoy special discounts and offers. Be sure to ask about becoming a Johnny B’s Club Member the next time you are at the facility.

Johnny B’s maintains a large, well-lit and friendly environment for ALL players of all ages. We can seat up to 200 players for our larger events, and we easily accommodate multiple events running simultaneously.

We offer cold soft drinks, candy and snacks at very reasonable prices for our players. Our experienced staff includes Certified Tournament Organizers and Judges for all formats and types of play. We are a Konami Certified Center for Yu-Gi-Oh! tournament play.

Be sure to visit Johnny B’s for a different experience!